+ Thank you, dear friend, for the birthday message you sent.

Your thoughtful remebrance means more to me than I can express in words, and my whole heart goes out to you in deep gratitude.

A long life in good health, as it was granted to me, is a great gift, but what would life be without the greatest of gifts: friendship. It is for your faithful friendship that I thank you most of all.

Much as I would like to express my thanks to each one personally, thanking you in this form is all I can manage at present.

On my way through Switzerland, after a long and delightful 17 months of quarantine with dear friends in Argentina, a Swiss friend offered me a great spot for writing in silence and solitude – an opportuniy to finish some work, before returning home to my monastic community in Austria.

My new book, Finding Orientation, has just come out in German, and I am making progress with the English and Spanish versions. I just have to stick to it. Your patience and understanding make that possible.

With a grateful hug and much love,
Your Brother David

Blessings to all of you who support our gratitude website!
It is only through your help that our message reaches so many.
Thank your for helping countless people to find courage and joy.

Those of you who wanted to give me an additional birthday gift will find a basket for donations here:

This money is for a different cause close to my heart: blind children.
We will send it to the Seva Foundation, co-founded in 1978, by my friend Baba Ram Dass. Seva has since been able to help 44 million poor pople worldwide in preventing blindness and restoring eyesight.

What joy, if we can help a blind child see!